Indiana Dairy Association met on Sunday March 1, 2020 at the Communication Building at the Indiana State Grounds in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Officers present are

President—Bonnie Robbins   Vice President—Steve Hubbard  Secretary—Crystal Servies  Treasure—Rob Smith

Directors—David Ingle, Becky Brummage, Diana Hubbard and Brenda Lightner

January meetings minutes were passed out and accepted.

Treasure Report Rob Smith reported balances and accepted.   There was some discussion of a CD.

State Fair Report 

If you sponsored a trophy for State Fair Show please pay Rob Smith.  


Barn Camera Raffle  They did not get back with us in time to start and sell tickets

Hoosier Classic

We were awarded the Alpine Specialty 

Evy and David Ingle and Teena Spear are cleaning of the wording on the show packet.

Becky Brummage is working on awards.  Medals for the Peewee.  She has found a limestone plaque in the shape of Indiana,  Motion was made and approved for her to move.  

Jason Servies is working raffle kids and auction items. 

Meal  Mike Summerlot—turkey

Bonnie Robbins Meat   Ingles – Green Beans Servies – Cole Slaw

Mac and Cheese –??????   Cookies–????????

Evy asked about ordering some blue Sweatshirts.  She will get inventory and let us know.

Hospitality table we need to stock it.

Fall Conference

Possible locations and topics and discussed.  


Erin Dearing asked to have permission to raffle a quilt at the Hoosier Classic as a fundraiser for their program.  

She also asked for permission to do the adult showmanship at the Hoosier Classic as fundraiser also

The motion was made and approved

April will be the Youth Representative presentations and putting the show packet together

Show Chairmen please send 15 copies, electronic copy and a $15 check. 

Motion to adjourn was moved and accepted

Submitted by Crystal Servies Secretary

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