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Becoming our Indiana Youth Rep

Any young person who is a resident of Indiana and is interested in becoming our Indiana Youth Rep. is asked to submit the required information by the April meeting at the IDGA meeting. The youth rep and the runner-up will be announced at the Hoosier Classic at the beginning of the show on Saturday morning. They will co-officiate at the Hoosier Classic and the Indiana State Fair Open Goat Show. The winner will be chosen by the IDGA membership, based on a portfolio or scrapbook given by the candidate and at least a 3-5 minute speech based on the following topic:

“How has raising dairy goats impacted you and your future?” 

The speech will be given at the April meeting following the IDGA meeting. The portfolio or scrapbook must include: Name, Address, Phone Number, Age, A Copy of your Speech, Interests, Hobbies, a history of involvement with goats, and two letters of recommendation from people other than family members. It is suggested that photographs be used and that at least one current photo of the candidate be included. The candidate needs to realize that he or she is selling themselves to the committee through this portfolio or scrapbook.

1982 Denise Garber 

1983 Lorrie Satoski 

1984 Shelly Jessup 

1985 Cheryl Holloway

1986 Rita Hilt

1987 Barbie Beals 

1988 Tammy Holloway 

1989 Theresa Miller

1991 Dede Sigman 

1993 Hal Norris 

1994 Jill Summerlot 

1995 R.J. Massey

1996 Tim Flickenger 

1997 Hope Baker 

1998 Amber Lashbrook 

1999 Dawn Baker

2000 Katey Schenk 

2001 Nikki Sieber 

2002 Rachael Herrell 

2003 Amber Baker

2004 Scott Robbins 

2005 Rebekah Herrell

2006 Tyler Hill / Lauren Nowak

2007 Andrew Robbins

2008 Marianne Ingle 

2009 Ashton Hudson 

2010 Kelcie Smith 

2011 Hannah Goeb

2012 Matthew Summerlot 

2013 Ayana Young 

2014 Robyn Shumate 

2015 Taylor Guevara

2016 Luke Summerlot

2017 Blythe Heber

2018 Jesse Servies

2019 John Summerlot

2020 Bailey Blacker

The winner and the runner-up are encouraged by the committee to show goats and participate in showmanship at all shows in which they are officiating. The committee only asks they do not show with their banners or any other adornment they have won.


1. Contestants must be 14-21 years of age during the current year.

2. Contestants must be a resident of and reside in Indiana. The only exception being a contestant who lives outside the state for the sole purpose of being a
full-time student.

3. Contestants must not be or have been married.

4. A person is not eligible to participate if a past winner. But a runner-up may participate again.

5. The committee will have the opportunity of having an interview with the contestant.

6. The winner must also attend at least 3 other goat shows in Indiana to hand out the awards. The runner-up may do so as well.