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Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Association (IDGYA)

Indiana Dairy Goat
Youth Showmanship Point Series

The Indiana Dairy Goat Association is excited to announce that in 2021 the Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Showmanship Points Series (IDGYSPS) will be returning after a hiatus in 2020. Through this program we hope to further encourage the development, education, and participation of our Indiana dairy goat youth by providing an opportunity to compete in a showmanship based points competition throughout Indiana during the show season.

Program overview:

In an effort to include as many youth as possible the Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Showmanship Points Series will be open to youth from 8-21 years old.

  • Junior- 8 to 12 years old
  • Intermediate 13-15 years old
  • Senior 16-21 year old

For continuity throughout the show season the participant’s age is calculated as of January 1st2021. The point series will include a variety of dairy goat shows throughout the state of Indiana. At the conclusion of the season top point earners will be awarded prizes.

  • The top 5 placing Showmanship exhibitors at participating shows in each division will be awarded points.
  • The FIVE highest point earning events recorded during the series will be tallied towards point totals for each participating individual.

Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Showmanship Points Series Rules and Guidelines

  1. No applications for IDGYSP sanctioning will be accepted after February 21st
  2. The fee to sanction shows with IDGYSPS for 2021 is $35 if the application is submitted prior to February 7th. The sanctioning fee for applications submitted after February 7th are $55. Fee is to be included with application via check, cash or can be sent via PayPal  to
  3. Sanctioned shows are required to provide three (3) showmanship classes that adhere to the age divisions: Junior- 8 to 12 years old, Intermediate 13-15 years old, Senior 16-21 year old and must allow the opportunity for all enrolled IDGYSPS participants to compete.
  4. Enrolled IDGYSPS participants cannot be required to join any additional organizations or enter additional classes to be eligible to exhibit in showmanship classes at a sanctioned show.
  5. Sanctioned showmanship classes must be placed out to at least 5 places by the judge, if there are 5 or more showman in that particular class. Only youth who have enrolled in the IDGYSPS will be awarded and accumulate points at sanctioned shows.
  6. Enrolled youth participants of the IDGYSPS must be a member or part of a family membership of the Indiana Dairy Goat Association.
  7. Participants must enroll in the Points Series to accumulate points. Points will only be accumulated going forward, no points will be awarded retroactively. Enrollment in the points series and IDGA membership must be current before the start of showmanship class to accumulate points.
  8. Show contact is responsible for submitting results for all 3 sanctioned showmanship classes to the IDGA representative Evy Ingle ( within 3 days of the final day of the show.
  9. Sanctioned shows may be required to display promotional items provided by sponsors of IDGYSPS.

Show must be held on or before September 26th to have time to receive points and calculate placings.

Showmanship Points Series Sanctioned Show Application

Please return printed applications to – Erin Freuchtel  or 5980 W 950 N Carthage, IN 46115

Download PDF version of this page – Indiana-Dairy-Goat-Youth-Showmanship-Point-Series

Fee is to be included with application via check, cash or can be sent via PayPal  to