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Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Association (IDGYA)

Indiana Dairy Goat
Youth Showmanship Point Series

The Indiana Dairy Goat Association is excited to offer the Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Showmanship Points Series (hereafter referred to as the Points Series) in 2022. Through this program we hope to further encourage the development, education, and participation of our Indiana dairy goat youth by providing an opportunity to compete in a showmanship-based points competition throughout Indiana during the show season.

Program overview:

In an effort to include as many youth as possible, the Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Showmanship Points Series will be open to youth from 8-21 years old.

  • Junior– 8 to 12 years old
  • Intermediate– 13-15 years old
  • Senior– 16-21 year old

For continuity throughout the show season the participant’s age is calculated as of May 1, 2023. The point series will include a variety of dairy goat shows throughout the state of Indiana. At the conclusion of the season top point earners will be awarded prizes.

  • The top 5 placing Showmanship exhibitors at participating shows in each division will be awarded points.
  • The FIVE highest point earning events recorded during the series will be tallied towards point totals for each participating individual.

Indiana Dairy Goat Youth Showmanship Points Series Rules and Guidelines

  1. Sanctioned shows are required to provide three (3) showmanship classes that adhere to the age divisions: Junior– 8 to 12 years old, Intermediate 13-15 years old, Senior 16-21 year old, and must allow the opportunity for all enrolled IDGYSPS participants to compete. Ring signs for each division will be included in your welcome packet. Please post these ringside.
  2. We encourage shows to include a Pee Wee division for children who are below the age of participation and including children ages 8-10 who are new to showing and are not participating in the point series.
  3. Enrolled IDGYSPS participants cannot be required to join any additional organizations or enter additional classes to be eligible to exhibit in showmanship classes at a sanctioned show.
  4. Sanctioned showmanship classes must be placed out to at least 5 places by the judge, if there are 5 or more showmen in that particular class. Only youth who have enrolled in the IDGYSPS will be awarded and accumulate points at sanctioned shows. *New this year* certificates will be provided in the Welcome Packet for each class winner.
  5. Enrolled youth participants of the IDGYSPS must be a member or part of a family membership of the Indiana Dairy Goat Association. Join here:
  6. Participants must enroll in the Points Series to accumulate points. Points will only be accumulated going forward, no points will be awarded retroactively. Enrollment in the points series and IDGA membership must be current before the start of showmanship class to accumulate points.


Most frequent questions and answers

When and where are participating shows?

  • Shows will be announced soon

Membership forms will be available at participating shows and online here.

Yes, membership to the IDGA is required to participate in the Showmanship Point Series. A family membership is available online for $10 per family, only one membership is needed per family. Membership registration can be found at Membership

No, but an ADGA membership is valuable if registering Dairy Goats to participate in open shows.

No, goats do not have to be registered with any association to compete in Dairy Goat showmanship. However, they must be 100% dairy goats, be disbudded, and be free of disease. Please note if dairy does are not registered with ADGA they will not be allowed to enter any of the sanctioned show classes. Bucks are not permitted to be used by participants in Points Series Showmanship Classes.

Nope, you can attend as many or as few of the participating shows as you would like. However only the top 5 placings from those shows will count towards your point total.

$10 for a family membership to the IDGA, enrollment in the points series is $10 per participating child. When paying online via PayPal that there is an addition $1 convenience charge making the total $11.  These memberships and fees must be paid prior to earning points. Any points earned before memberships and fees are obtained will not be valid.

In the event that there is a tie between participants for FIRST place in an age divisions a showmanship tie breaker will be held at the IDGA fall conference at Danville, IN in October.

Awards include merchandise type items (example belt buckles, insulated mugs, chairs etc) that are typically industry and dairy goat related. These awards are often graciously donated by our Point Series Sponsors.

Awards are presented to the winners at IDGA Fall Conference on in Danville, IN. This year’s Fall Conference will include youth activities and competitions. We highly encourage youth participation in these events in addition to the awards ceremony.

Age division, overall high point winners and reserve high point winners are expected to be present at the IDGA Fall Conference to receive their awards. If any winning exhibitor is NOT present at the awards ceremony the award will be given to the next eligible junior exhibitor. We understand that emergencies arise and special circumstances do happen, please contact Erin Freuchtel if a high Point winner will not be able to attend the Award Ceremony.