Indiana Dairy Goat Association

Membership Meeting—Feb 6,2022 @ 2 P.M.

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Call to Order

Brenda welcomed everyone.

Roll Call / Attendance:

Officers: President—Brenda Lightner, Vice President—Nikki Laffoon, Secretary—Crystal Servies  Treasurer—Rob Smith  Directors: Jerry Lubbehusen, Becky Brumage, Mike Summerlot, David Ingle, Diana Hubbard and Erin Dearing State Fair—Teena Spear

Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of the Jan membership meeting were review and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Brenda had a report from Rob. We have a balance of $13,379.60.  The 1090 has been sent into the state and our insurance has been paid for the year

Committee Reports

State Fair – The State Fair Dates will July 28-31, 2022.  Teena reported that the 4-H judge for 2022 will be Travis Cockburn.  Adding the senior showmanship to the supreme showmanship will not happen for 2022 and our director and Teena will continue to work on this for 2023.  They have not hired a livestock manger but there will be livestock coordinator.

Hoosier Classic – David has posted the date on a couple of different platforms and the ADGA website.  David is working on online and paper entries.  Teena has not heard any back from the specialties.  Jenifer asked if we wanted the food vendor to be open on Friday night and still working on them on coordinating the meal. Mike Summerlot has secured the turkey tenders for the meal.  The BTR sanctioning will not include the buck show but will have 3 Jr doe, 3 Sr doe, and 3 wether shows.   Explanation of the BTRYA Sanctioning and what the youth receive.  Becky reported that the showmanship will be emborder backpacks. Nikki is working on some things for 50th Anniversary. This has been sent to the committee for organization.  David reported that start times will be 8 am on both days.   Nikki will follow up with the committee on the making welcome bags.  

YouthIn 2022 there will no adjusting the age groups and the base date for figuring the age of the participants because of the early sanctioning due to the ADGA price increase but there will be adjustments in 2023.  Already established shows need to be completed by March 31 and paid for to get on the list and website.  Shows that are part of the series will receive a pdf and a hard copy of the series requirements.  The packet will include signage that will help with some of the confusion of the age breaks and which rings the youth are to be in.   Also included will be the instructions for the show secretaries for reporting the results. 

There will not be Olympics for the State Fair this year. They will be working a skill a thon.  There will be prizes for the participants.   The question that was asked who was allowed to complete. Teena stated that the those that participated in it will have to be state fair exhibitors for liability reasons.

Brenda reported that the time to select our Youth Representative is approaching.   This is done at our April meeting and announced at the Hoosier Classic.   The youth must be 14-21 in age and an Indiana Resident to be eligible.  A Scrapbook/Portfolio with 2 letters of recommendation and a 3–5-minute presentation at our April meeting.  Bailey Blacker will be talking to the youth about her experiences as our 2020/2021 Youth Representative in March. 

By Law and Constitution—Rob is chairing a review of the bylaws and constitution.  Bruce, Erin, and Diana are willing to help with this. 

Unfinished Business:

New Business: Becky asked about getting the show bills added to the website.  Discussion was held about making sure the information is available on the website.  Nikki will gather information on show and get them to approximate people to get them on the website. 

Board of Directors Comment

Brenda sent condolence to the Hubbard Family in the loss of Steve’s father and that is only 3 months to the first weekend of Indiana shows—Cass County and Johnson County. 

Upcoming Meeting:   February 6, 2022   2pm In person and zoom meeting.  In person meeting location to be determined.

Submitted by Crystal Servies, Secretary

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