March 2022 Meeting

Indiana Dairy Goat Association

Membership Meeting—March 6, 2022 @ 2 P.M.

Zoom Online & In-Person @4 Hendricks County 4-H Complex Danville IN


Call to Order

Brenda welcomed everyone.

Roll Call / Attendance:

Officers: President—Brenda Lightner(zoom), Vice President—Nikki Laffoon(inperson), Secretary—Crystal Servies(inperson),  Treasurer—Rob Smith (Zoom) Directors:  Becky Brumage(inperson), Mike Summerlot, David Ingle(inperson), Diana Hubbard and Erin Dearing(inperson)    State Fair—Teena Spear(zoom)

Meeting Minutes:

Minutes of then February membership meeting were review and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Rob reported that we have 13,094.69 with no outstanding bills.

Committee Reports

Hoosier Classic David reported that we have been award the LaMancha Specialty.  Teena is in contact with the Saanen Association about that Specialty.  Becky reported that the backpacks are in.  Nikki reported that Diana got us some bags for Welcome Bags.  List of raffle kids was gone over of the verbal commitments.    Jenifer reported the vendor will be there with light menu on Friday with full menu on Saturday and Sunday. Jenifer is also working on them serving the meal on Saturday.  Jenifer will request that the shirt orders form on the website.  The website needs to be updated to say three rings.  Online entries are still in the works. 

YouthShowmanship series will be posted to the Website as soon as the timeframe is closed for show to submit their application.

By Law and Constitution—Rob is chairing a review of the bylaws and constitution.  Bruce, Erin, and Diana are willing to help with this. 

Unfinished Business

New Business: In April we will be doing our Youth Representative presentation.   They must be 14-21 years old.  They will give a 3-5 minute speech and scrapbook/portfolio with 2 letters of recommendation.  This information will be posted on social media like our page and early show page.  Rob Smith suggested that maybe we invite the past youth rep to the 50th Hoosier Classic and get a Picture

Fall Conference—Brenda will coordinate but will need help.

Website—Timeliness of get information of getting it posted to the website.  Brenda will follow up on this.  Meeting notice with more advanced notice. 

Board of Directors Comment

Nikki suggested that we have a meeting May 1st and Rob that it was a good idea.

Becky wished everybody a happy kidding season. 

Mike suggested on the Hospitality table that we ask people to bring things to help supply the table. 

Upcoming Meetings:  

April 3, 2022   2pm In person and zoom meeting.  In person meeting Bloomington, IN

May 1, 2022      2pm In-person and zoom meeting. Danville, IN

Submitted by Crystal Servies, Secretary

Board of Directors Meeting—March 8, 2022 @ 8 P.M.

Indiana Dairy Goat Association

Board of Directors Meeting—March 8, 2022 @ 8 P.M.

Zoom Online


Call to Order

Called to order at 8:08 pm

Roll Call / Attendance: 

Officers: President—Brenda Lightner, Vice President—Nikki Laffoon, Secretary—Crystal Servies,  Treasurer—Rob Smith Directors:  Becky Brumage, Mike Summerlot, David Ingle, Diana Hubbard and Erin Dearing. Additional IDGA members (not directors) were present on the call with David Ingle.



The board of directors meeting was called to discuss the IDGA website.  An IDGA member who is a professional web designer by trade began creating, designing, hosting and updating the IDGA website in November 2020 at no charge to the organization. Feedback from the March 2022 IDGA membership meeting recognized how valuable the site was in 2021 with events and communication. Since Fall of 2021, this member and her family have ceased participation in IDGA, and she no longer donates her professional programming time and server hosting. Donated value of the development, design and hosting to date is $3200.  Immediate needs to update the website include Youth Showmanship Series Info, Hoosier Classic # of Rings, Hoosier Classic t-shirts, Membership directory, and April, May and June IDGA events. The former member has offered to discount her hourly rate to complete these items estimated at 5 hours for $125. Additionally, web hosting on her server is $12.95 monthly. Rob suggested hiring a website specialist that is unrelated to the organization. One individual recommended is Deb Mackey.  Mike made the motion that we pay the current developer through the Hoosier Classic (June,) and that Rob reach out to Deb Mackey to discuss a transition. Nikki seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Hoosier Classic t-shirts—David to email Brenda order forms and all necessary details for the web orders.

Nikki to send Brenda show dates for the Youth Showmanship series to add to the website. 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:37pm 

Submitted by Crystal Servies, Secretary