The Indiana Dairy Goat Association (IDGA) is comprised of dairy goat breeders throughout the state of Indiana that are focused on sponsoring shows and promoting the dairy goat industry. Our members are dedicated to establishing breed excellence, high health standards, stimulating popular interest, and educating the public.

IDGA plans 9 monthly meetings a year between the months of September and May. The meetings are held on the first Sunday of every month in the central part of the state. IDGA has a monthly newsletter that provides members with a schedule of events, helpful articles, minutes from the meetings, advertising, and a membership directory.

IDGA hosts the Hoosier Classic, an officially sanctioned two ring show which is held on the second weekend of June each year. The Hoosier Classic has approximately 1200 to 1800 animals and is one of the larger club shows in the Midwest.  We have been approved for the District 4 Nigerian Specialty at the Hoosier Classic 2015.


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